We Are All About Change

Completely immersed in new ideas, ready to take it to the next level, ie action, bringing together everybody who believes in acting for change in governance. We are a change movement that believes in the power of small gentle steps.

Change By all and for all

HVM is not just another movement. A lot of effort has come into this initiative  just to start us off to great things

A Space for Expression

Collaborate and contribute easily. Spend more of your time thinking of ideas of improving your nation. Having good governance and systems that work can save us a lot of troubles and create an enabling environment for positive growth.

We all have an obligation to effect the change

What’s more awesome is that everyone can play a part in effecting the change. We only need to do our small individual parts.

Small Contributions that Matter!

This is just the beginning. Discover more by joining this movement. If you have any suggestions, kindly e-mail us via hapovipi@hapovipimovement.co.ke. You can also join our forum and give your contributions interactively.